Dictionary Project

dictionary picture for websiteLaunched by Hastings Kiwanis in 2009, the Dictionary Project provides a free dictionary to every third grader in Adams County every fall. The dictionary is the student’s to use throughout the school year at school or home. Many teachers find the specific dictionary we provide an incredibly useful style – as it includes a lot more than just words!

This dictionary contains all the elements of the Best Dictionary for Students, plus more than 150 pages of supplemental information in the back! Key features include:

  • The Constitution of the United States,
  • The Declaration of Independence,
  • Brief biographies of all U. S. presidents,
  • World maps,
  • Information about all 50 states,
  • Details on all countries of the world, and
  • Facts about the planets in our solar system.

Plus, it ends with the longest word in the English language! (Kids love it!)

We buy dictionaries from the national group, The Dictionary Project, which aims to assist all students to become good writers, active readers and creative thinkers by providing students a gift of their own personal dictionary.

Every year we receive thank yous from students across the area who appreciate having their own book to look up everything from A to Z, the Nebraska state flower and the population of Djibouti!