Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Hearts & Hands Against Hunger?

Hearts & Hands Against Hunger of Hastings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help end world hunger. HHAH of Hastings packages and ships highly nutritious, life-saving meals to starving and malnourished children in developing counties and the United States. We were previously known as Kids Against Hunger of Hastings.


2. What is so special about the food you package?

The meal ingredients are formulated by food scientists to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates and vitamins needed by an undernourished child’s body and mind. The food is also acceptable to the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world. The food offers all nine of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition, something that can’t be said about other typical food relief sources such as rice or beans alone. It is also very simple to prepare, requiring only six cups of boiling water to make a complete meal.

3. What types of people volunteer to package the food?

While our name implies that children are the source of our volunteers, in practice our volunteers come from all age groups and walks of life. Individuals and groups from churches, synagogues, schools, social clubs, businesses, senior centers and civic groups are common sources of volunteers for packaging our food. Some of the best volunteer experiences come when children, parents and grandparents work together as a family. Schools and corporations often do packaging with us as a community service event.

4. How does the food get to hungry children, and how can you be sure it gets to them?

We work closely with our distribution partners – churches, non-profit organizations and U.S. government agencies – to distribute the meals prepared by our volunteers. We seek out organizations that have proven track records of successfully getting the food to the children. We always require our feeding partners to document how they distributed the food and provide us with pictures of the children who receive it. In Hastings, we have partnered with Orphan Grain Train of Nebraska to ship our completed food boxes to areas in the United States and throughout the world, with the greatest need.

5. Where have you sent your food?

A partial list of the countries that have received our food include Afghanistan, Angola, Chad, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Liberia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Tanzania and the Ukraine. We also shipped more than 1,000,000 meals to the Hurricane Katrina stricken Gulf Coast region in the U.S.

6. As a Christian organization, do you require the children you feed to be Christians, or your volunteers to be Christians?

No. We have only one test to feed a child – “is the child hungry?” We have only one test for accepting volunteers – “does the volunteer want to help feed hungry children?” We require any organization that distributes our food to give the food freely out of love for the child. To do otherwise would be a fundamental betrayal of our core beliefs.

7. How do you raise the money for your food?

It costs Hearts & Hands Against Hunger about 25 cents to buy the ingredients, packaging and shipping for each meal. That means when we ship a cargo container (about 285,000 meals) to a country, that it costs HHAH $66,000. As a non-profit organization we raise all our funds from the generosity of individual donors, corporations, churches, synagogues and foundations. Put simply, the more money we receive from donors, the more children we can feed. Consider donating today.

8. How much of the money that Hearts & Hands Against Hunger raises, go directly to feeding children?

Every penny donated to Hearts & Hands Against Hunger of Hastings goes directly to the purchase of ingredients and supplies to package and ship meals. We have no additional overhead or administrative costs.